The Internet landscape changes regularly, I spend a lot of my down time researching and taking eLearning classes on One of the newer projects I have been asked to work on over the past year are infographics. They are becoming the new Internet buzz word. I was doing some research this morning and ran across an infographic that was fun. That got me to thinking about the possibilities of using an infographic as a tool for more than just a visual representation. Interactive tools can be educational or in the case of the one I came across this morning, just plain fun. It is what I would refer to as a sticky app.

InfographicsWhat are infographics?

Infographics are a visual representation of data and information that is displayed in a graphic format using images and text. Infographics present data in an engaging and easy to follow way. They are a very useful tool for companies to show comparisons, simplify complex data, a recruiting tool as well as many other things. The infographic can be general or very targeted.

Infographics should be visually engaging and relevant to the subject being presented. It should appeal to your target audience, and be a supporting item to your website content and social media platforms. A well designed infographic can be quite valuable to a companies digital asset bag of tools.

Infographics are one of my favorite projects to work on.

Fun with Infographics.

InfographicsI was doing some research on infographics and ran across an infographic that caught my attention,not only is it a little different spin on the infographic, but it was fun. This site has set up an interactive calculator to see if you would win and how much using your lucky numbers. I do not play lotteries, but for those that do, I think the “lucky” number is a big part of it. This got me to thinking how interactive infographics can be useful. Like any good thing though, over use can have ill affects as much as it can have good affects; think Flash overkill in years past.






I will be conducting research on how to design the interactive infographic. I believe when used correctly, it can be a powerful tool in a my clients presentation options. The bottom line in any design tool is to make sure it is used in context and relevant.